“Excellence in Custom Building and     Remodeling since 1965”



1965    -     2010




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You know…..MARK BUILDERS has been building TRUE custom homes in neighborhoods throughout Licking County and surrounding areas since 1965. “TRUE CUSTOM” means we design and build your specific home to meet your exact specifications. We do this in a friendly, professional manner, which combines our high levels of ethics, experience, expertise, workmanship, and dedication toward building your dream Home or Home remodeling project.


For more than 40 years, we have completed over 800 projects for people just like you and those people become our friends and best sales people…Just Ask Them!!!!!


If you’re looking for the best value for your investment dollar you really need to investigate our web site further.  Then contact us ….We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome to Mark Builders, Inc

C u s t o m     H o m e     B u i l d e r     a n d     R e m o d e l e r     B a s e d     i n     L i c k i n g     C o u n t y